Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Enjoying The Spotlight

08 Sep Why Female Entrepreneurs Are Enjoying The Spotlight

Female entrepreneurs are the new black, it seems.

Everywhere you look these days, female entrepreneurs are enjoying the spotlight.

A growing number of women-only groups designed to support female entrepreneurs are operating all over the country. Of course, I reckon it’s great.

This growing support for women in business aimed at igniting and inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit is a clear indication that the times are changing.

According to Australian group Women as Entrepreneurs, 17% of those in the entrepreneurial space are female. And the support these groups offer will no doubt nudge that percentage higher in years to come.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the League of Extraordinary Women, which was established by four women, each with their own multi-million dollar businesses, who created a network to connect and inspire other women like themselves.

Then there’s the Women as Entrepreneurs network, which was created to build, support and promote aspiring and accomplished female entrepreneurs and now hosts networking events. There has also been a raft of publications and platforms placing female entrepreneurs under the welcome glare the spotlight.

I also really enjoy reading Women in Business, an online platform that tells the stories of women setting up and growing independent businesses. The platform lists a business profile for $7 a month, sharing that content online to a growing number of readers.

Then there’s Business in Heels, an online and real life network of females in business, which now has 30 branches around the world, and a magazine on the way. For women in business or inspiring entrepreneurs, these networks offer lots of opportunities to rub shoulders with entrepreneurs and business people that have excelled in their chosen field.

It’s also worth checking out some of the speakers these groups have on offer, too. It doesn’t cost much to get involved in these groups, and you can be inspired to find your own entrepreneurial spirit (or celebrate it) with like-minded women.

You never know, you might even find yourself having a drink with someone you’ve long admired in business.

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