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We’ve changed the way people find business loans online with an innovative matching platform and simplified access to lenders. We’re here to help business owners of all sizes find the perfect match.
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Is Loandesk a lender?

No Loandesk is not a lender. We have built specific matching technology to deliver un-biased loan results for Australian small businesses owners. Stop going from lender to lender searching, we match you within minutes all for free.

How do I get started?

Just click here to begin.  Easy, and it’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything. We’ve cut down the jargon and clutter asking you only the right questions to get you a loan offer. We really do care for the small business community and believe it’s time someone simplified the way we find loans.

Is my business & personal information protected?

We use 128bit SSL Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which is the same that the top 4 banks in Australia use to protect the information you provide into our online system. We do however have to share some of your information with Lenders to enable the match to occur.

Why would I use Loandesk instead of going directly to my bank?

It’s really simple, and it’s your choice. We’re free. You get multiple loan options. Then you get to compare those options with your bank or other funders. We think it’s a pretty clear choice. Plus, it’s free and un-biased.

You only need to complete one application and have it matched and targeted to over 100 lenders. No more going from lender to lender, plus they contact you!

Will Loandesk charge me anything for the service?

No. The service is completely free and always will be for business owners seeking loans. We just ask that you tell your friends about us!

How difficult is the whole process?

It’s literally three (3) steps from start to finish, fast and simple. Our team is constantly dreaming up ways to make your life easier when searching for a loan. Updates are happening in the background almost every day. We also work very closely with lenders to simplify the information they need in order to issue approvals.

Do we have direct relationships with Australian lenders?

Absolutely. We have partnered directly with lenders Australia wide. This means a better experience for you through extensive gathering of each lenders criteria. We’ve done the hard work to ensure your can navigate your way to the best options all delivered within minutes.

Will Loandesk perform any credit checks or searches on my business?

Absolutely not. Loandesk matches you to loan criteria supplied directly by each lender. In-fact by using Loandesk you can be matched with over 100 Australian lenders all without having your credit score affected.

Why is this important? each lender will eventually perform a credit check on your company, if they see to many lenders have been applied to in a short period of time they may reject you for finance.

How long does it take to get approved & funded by a lender?

Completing a loan search with us only takes a few minutes. After that, business owners get contacted by lenders within 24 hours, sometimes within a few hours. From there the time it takes to get funded will vary. Some lenders complete the lending process in just a one week, some days and others take slightly longer. Either way, you can know you’ve been matched to the best loan option for your business.

Do you guarantee I'll get a loan?

You won’t know if you can a loan if you don’t take the time and complete your submission. We cannot guarantee that you will get an approval for a lender, however in the event you do not get any matches the first time round, you can call our office and speak to a loan consultant just incase we can point you in the right direction.I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

What if I don't qualify for a loan?

You will need to complete your submission first. If you are not matched directly to any lenders, you can contact us directly and a loan consultant will guide you through the best way to qualify or refer you to someone who can help you further.

Do you offer Loandesk in other countries?

We launched early 2014 and are completely committed to serving Australian small businesses. We do have our sights set on other countries however until we have exhausted our efforts helping Australians then we will start planning to help others.

Who do I call if I need help?

You can call us, our loan specialists are here to help you and will personally get you started in the right direction to finding the perfect loan for your business. Complete your online submission so we can understand your business needs before you contact us, then you will be given the option to call the team or chat live.

Try Loandesk, it’s free.