Fixed Term Loans

Fixed term loans are easily the most common thought of loan type when searching for working capital.

Term loans are used to buy inventory, meet unexpected expenses, pay for marketing, or meet other business needs. Loandesk users choose these types of loans as they can be obtained even when you have other types of financing already in place.

Term loans almost always require some form of security such as real estate or plant & equipment in the business, with fixed repayments from 3 months up to 15 years.

Loandesk can connect you to lenders that can settle funds into your account within 2 working days, however typical times are 5-10 working days depending on the type of security that is offered.

Will you qualify for a fixed term loan?

Financiers in this space are looking for borrowers who are using the funds for commercial purposes only and can service the loan to some extend or have a planned exit strategy in place for repayment.

Even if your credit is less than perfect, we can match you with a term loan expert to help you get the best possible rates, whether it is a bank or an alternative lender.
Below are qualification points to consider:

You must have a registered company or business

Startup businesses are considered

You don't have any major defaults

You are using the funds for commercial/business purposes only

You cannot borrow against a non-directors asset

You can demonstrate how you will make repayments

Your must be an Australian resident

To confirm all qualification, you'll need to complete your profile

Financing Overview


Amount you can borrow based on:
Property value or asset value, such as plant & equipment.

Loan amounts:
$10,000 – $10,000,000

Loan term:
3 Months – 15 years

Interest rate:
6.5% – 36% (depending on term)

As little as 5 days.

Lender options


Flexible loan terms

Ability to re-draw on loan

Ability to increase loan sizes

pre-paid interest terms available

Ability to extend month by month

Very long payment terms


Loandesk makes finding fixed term business lenders quick & easy.


We work with a select group of carefully hand-picked lenders who are chosen based on their sound lending practices and superior customer service. Complete your profile & get matched loan options from 55+ lenders.

No hidden charges. No extra fees.

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