Inventory Finance

Inventory Finance is perfect for businesses buying goods from local or overseas suppliers or funding larger than expected orders from credit worthy buyers.

This type of facility would is preferable as it can be unsecured, standing behind any other bank facilities in place.

Inventory Finance is best suited for businesses that have been trading successfully for some time, usually more than two years, have no credit defaults and more often need to be showing profits on the books. There are instanced where startup companies are considered, especially if you can demonstrate previous experience with importing or reselling of the products you are buying.

Loandesk can connect you to vetted lenders in the network that best suit inventory/stock purchases all online, within minutes and it won’t affect your credit rating.

Will you qualify for inventory finance?

These types of lenders look closely at your business and personal credit and need to see that you have sufficient trading history to demonstrate that you can confidently sell down inventory that is not pre-sold to buyers.

Even if your credit is less than perfect, established business or just starting out, we can match you with a import/trade finance options whether it is a bank or an alternative lender.
Below are qualification points to consider:

You must have a registered company (PTY LTD)

Startup businesses are considered

You don't have any major defaults

Goods don't need to be pre-sold

You sell goods to credit worthy buyers or direct retail

You can demonstrate sufficient trading history to support purchases

Your supplier will accept direct payment from financier

To confirm all qualification, you'll need to complete your profile

Financing Overview


Amount you can borrow based on:
Typically you can finance up to 100% of your suppliers cost to ship the goods.

Loan amounts:
$10,000 – $1,500,000

Loan term:
90 day terms for each drawdown

Interest rate:
2% – 9% per order (or drawdown)

As little as 10 days.

Lender options


Direct supplier payments

No real estate security required

Flexible loan sizes

Up to 100% supplier costs covered

Can be on-going or stand alone transactions

Poorer credits are considered


Loandesk makes finding inventory finance options quick & easy.


We work with a select group of carefully hand-picked lenders who are chosen based on their sound lending practices and superior customer service. Complete your profile & get matched loan options from 55+ lenders.

No hidden charges. No extra fees.

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