Invoice Finance

Turn your outstanding invoices into immediate cash with invoice factoring

With invoice finance, access up to 90% of the value of your invoices, with the other 10% less the financing cost, paid to you once your customer/s pay.

Invoice financing or commonly known as invoice factoring is an increasingly popular method of accessing on-going funding without the need for any property security. These types of facilities grow with your sales volumes and function just like a line of credit linked to your outstanding invoice volumes.

One huge benefit often overlooked is that there are no interest repayments like a standard line of credit or fixed term loan. Each time your invoices are financed they are repaid by your customers, removing the need to plan for interest payments.

How invoice financing works?

Loandesk will match you to an invoice factoring company that will provide immediate cash out against your outstanding receivables up to 90% of your total invoice balance. You are free to submit existing or new invoices in one off occasions or on-going type arrangements.
After the 90% advance is provided to you, the remaining 10% of the balance will be held and refunded back to you once the invoice is paid by the customer less the financing fees which can range anywhere from 0.8%-4% on each invoice depending on the type of facility that suits your business.

Will you qualify for invoice finance?

Lenders look closely at the quality and spread of customers you sell to (debtors) which can determine the level of funding. They also like to see that you invoice correctly and either obtain purchase orders or proof that the goods have been delivered or service provided.

Invoice Financing provides very large credit limits above most other loan options and is not tied to your personal or business asset values. Assessments are purely on your customers/debtors credit creditworthiness. A great example of invoice finance is one without lock-on contracts or on-going fees.

Even if your credit is less than perfect, established business or just starting out, we can match you with an invoice financing options from non-bank lenders that are eager to lend you money.
Below are qualification points to consider:

You must have a registered company (PTY LTD)

Startup businesses are considered

Previous paid defaults are ok

You can be funded through restructures or ATO payments

Funds can be used for any purpose within your business

You must deal with creditworthy customers on payment terms

No property security is required

To confirm all qualification, you'll need to complete your profile

Financing Overview


Amount you can borrow based on:
Funding is based purely on new or outstanding invoice values. For example, $100,000 outstanding will be granted $90,000 immediately.

Loan amounts:
$15,000 – $15,000,000

Loan term:
6-12 months – (once off arrangements are also available)

Interest rate:
0.8% – 1.5% cost per invoice fee (depending on facility type & risk)
+ Interest rate charge of 8%-12% per annum.

As little as 2 days.

Lender options


Single invoices can be financed

No real estate is required

Very flexible funding limits

You can finance some or all of your invoices

Loan increases are very common

Lack of trading history or poor financials can still be approved

IMPORTANT: Lenders and facility types offered have significant variations and choosing the correct type for your situation is critical to how much you will pay.


Loandesk makes financing your invoices quick & easy.


We work with a select group of carefully hand-picked lenders who are chosen based on their sound lending practices and superior customer service. Complete your profile & get matched loan options from 55+ lenders.

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