Short Term Business Loans

Short term loans are perfect for businesses that need an immediate cash flow injection for unexpected expenses or opportunities, needing fast turnaround times to funding.

This loan type can be split between a few lender types as different types of security can be considered such as equipment, receivables, real estate and strong cash flow. You also have the option to borrow against other high-value assets you may own such as boats, jewellery or artwork etc.

Short term loans are generally higher interest rates due the speed in which the lenders act on your applications. You pay higher rates for fast settlements, sometimes within 24 hours and are only recommended in circumstances that you can repay the loan in a short period of time for example, you might be selling an asset and need funds before it takes place or you’re waiting for a customer to pay you.

Loandesk can connect you to vetted lenders in the network that best suit your short term funding gaps, all within minutes and it won’t affect your credit rating.

Will you qualify for a short term loan?

These types of lenders look closely at the assets you are offering as security, real estate is the most attractive type of asset class you can offer, followed by equipment you already own.

Short term loans are not just limited to borrowing against existing assets, they are readily used to make business purchases such as commercial property or acquiring an asset that needs to be paid for quickly. We recommend refinancing these into a more cost effective option once the short term loan is coming up for expiry.

Even if your credit is less than perfect, established business or just starting out, we can match you with a loan options from non-bank lenders that are eager to lend you money.
Below are qualification points to consider:

You must have a registered company (PTY LTD)

Startup businesses are considered

You can have defaults as the loan is usually based purely on the asset

You need to be an Australian resident

The funds are being used for business purposes only

You can demonstrate how the loan will be repaid

If the loan is unsecured, you can show strong cash flow in your business

To confirm all qualification, you'll need to complete your profile

Financing Overview


Amount you can borrow based on:
Funding varies across different assets, typically you can achieve 80% on residential property values and 100% of equipment value. More information on completion of your profile.

Loan amounts:
$10,000 – $5,000,000

Loan term:
3 months – 12 months

Interest rate:
0.8% – 4% per month

As little as 3 days.

Lender options


Multiple assets considered

Funding can be purely on business cash flow

Flexible loan sizes

You can choose loan terms up to 12 months

Pre-paid interest periods (no payments for 6 months etc)

Poorer credits are considered


Loandesk makes finding short term loan options quick & easy.


We work with a select group of carefully hand-picked lenders who are chosen based on their sound lending practices and superior customer service. Complete your profile & get matched loan options from 55+ lenders.

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